The Fossil Record: A Problem for Evolutionists

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Air Date: July 26, 2012

Speaker: Dr. John Morris

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Dr. John Morris is the President of the Institute for Creation Research of Texas. He has a doctorate in Geological Engineering, has been a professor in the ICR Graduate School and has written numerous books and articles on the evolution/creation debate.

This Crosstalk is a recording from an appearance Dr. Morris made at a VCY America rally in March of 2010.

The creation model can be defined as a model of sudden appearance. That’s precisely what we see in the fossil record; many varieties coming from a single kind but one kind never becoming a different kind.

What about the origin of the fossil record? How do evolutionists believe it came about? Is the evolutionary “tree” 100% factual or filled with inference?

These questions and more are dealt with as Dr. Morris explains how the fossil record has Christianity winning the origins battle.

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