European Ministry and the State of the European Church

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Air Date: July 31, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Christian Andresen

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Christian Andresen is the Executive Director of the European Bible Training Center in Berlin, Germany.

This Crosstalk was an example of how we can’t forget to monitor and pray for the needs of those ministering the gospel in places other than America.

Christian began by describing Europe as basically a godless society. As an example, he cited East Germany where now only 2.5% believe that there is a God.

Where did things go wrong? Christian believes the church lost its focus and went more with culture and traditions rather than focusing on the Bible and God.

Complicating matters is the problem of population replacement. Christian described Europe’s population as currently being in a negative trend with families averaging only 1.2 children. At the same time, the abortion rate is growing.

Islam is having a great impact on Europe as Christian noted that politicians want to be politically correct so as not to offend Islam. He feels the answer is the gospel but the church in Europe hasn’t caught on to that yet.

From here the discussion moved to the change of the 10/40 window to the 40/70 window, the needs of the pastors being ministered to, the shepherds conferences he’s involved with, the requirements of students at the training center, the spiritual apathy in Europe, his message to the church in America and much more.

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