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Air Date: August 2, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Rachel Motte

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Rachel Motte is the Editor of Eagle Forum’s “Education Reporter”, a news letter that focuses on educational issues.

This edition of Crosstalk looks at a movement to control and direct what youth are taught in the public education system under the title of Common Core Standards.

At the present time, each state has its own set of education standards. States, however, often desire federal grant money so as part of the 2009 stimulus package, a program was created called, ‘Race to the Top’. This program communicated to states that if they participate by signing on to a series of common core standards, they would be more likely to obtain federal funds.

Common Core Standards is now a plan on the part of the Obama administration to centralize educational decision making power in Washington. It’s comprised of a set of common standards dictated by the federal government. Since the federal government would be dictating the standards, this program would take power away from individual states, local school boards and in the end, parents as well. 2014 is currently set as the year for implementation.

Jim noted how this violates the 10th Amendment and Rachel also pointed out how this violates the ‘No Child Left Behind’ law.

Find out how much this will cost, the quality of the standards, what this may mean for public school children and more when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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