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Air Date: August 3, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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After an update concerning the Chick-fil-A/traditional marriage controversy, Vic presented the following stories:

–A heterosexual man, supportive of same-sex marriage, seeks free water
from Chick-fil-A in protest of President Dan Cathy’s support for
traditional marriage.
–White House Press Secretary Jay Carney avoids giving a direct answer on
the subject of the city the U.S. recognizes as the capital of Israel.
–70% of terrorist murders in 2011 were done by Sunni Muslims.
–Iranian president says world forces must annihilate Israel.
–Amtrak is promoting ‘Ride with Pride’.
–Democrats seek to include support for homosexual marriage in the official
party platform.
– founder and wife announce they are donating 2.5 million
dollars to defend Washington’s same-sex marriage law.
–Target is promoting their wedding registry with a focus on homosexual
–Men can wear skirts at Oxford University.
–Deputy press secretary for the Obama administration marries ABC
–Napolitano questioned about possible terrorists crossing U.S. southern
–Muslim polygamists to get more welfare benefits.
–Baby in China found in trash with throat cut but still alive.

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