Open Line Call-in Regarding Recent Developments in National Leadership

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Air Date: August 31, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic began this Crosstalk by reading a story about a man who claims he transitioned into womanhood. The article goes on to talk about the confusion taking place in this person’s life.

Vic followed this up by reading from Romans 1 beginning at verse 21. These are words that speak directly to the kind of confusion we see today as some people reject the God of Scripture and instead look elsewhere, worshipping just about anything that arouses the lusts of the flesh.

When you have a nation that has this kind of confusion existing for some individuals at the personal level, in light of our upcoming election, can we expect national leadership to provide proper direction?

Crosstalk listeners provide their views on this issue that is vital to our nation’s future.

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