A Burden for India

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Air Date: September 3, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guests: Pastor J.D. Enosh and Pastor Scott Van Laanen

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Pastor Enosh is a native of India, and now has a ministry in South India. He is currently in the United States, speaking at a number of locations. He is traveling with Scott Van Laanen, who is pastor of Northwoods Bible Church in Lakewood, Wisconsin.

One cultural reality must be recognized when trying to reach India: the “Caste” system, which under the Hindu religion includes four major groups, or “castes”. The lowest Caste, the “Dalits” or “untouchables”, are believed to be under punishment for sins in a previous incarnation. They have no rights, are allowed only the most menial jobs, and are pushed down when they attempt to improve their status. They literally are “untouchable” as no one from any other caste will have anything to do with them.

Ministry goals are to reach out with the Gospel to the downtrodden in India, especially the Dalit people. One prayer is that the caste system will eventually be broken down. The ministry also includes pastor training, church planting, and caring for destitute children through a system of Christian orphanages.

The Gospel, which is often preached in the open air, is having its effect as many individuals then ask how to receive Christ. Even Hindu priests have come to Christ as they heard the gospel preached on the street in front of Hindu temples. Some are now Christian pastors.

Demon possession is a reality, and some who have not been cured after paying Hindu temples to cast out their demons, have found that prayer by Christians in the Name of Jesus Christ has resulted in the demons fleeing. In addition, some Hindu priests who failed to cast out the demons came to Christ after seeing that He has power over demons.

Persecution of believers is also a reality, and Pastor Enosh has been attacked physically, and imprisoned on occasion, for simply preaching the Gospel.

Prayer is requested for the underprivileged people in India, that the Gospel will continue to be preached to them, that education can be provided for the children, for Bible studies for new believers, and for Bibles.

NOTE: This program first aired April 2, 2012

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