Are You Better Off?

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Air Date: September 4, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

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Jim began this Crosstalk by looking at the following news items:

–The 16 trillion dollar mark in total U.S. federal debt has now been met.
–Food stamp use reached a record 46.7 million in June.
–Prices at the pump reach a national average of $3.83 a gallon.
–Growth of entitlement payments over the last 50 years increases dramatically.
–U.S. Army survey discovers that only 26% of active duty Army officers say “yes”.

After reviewing these issues, Jim turned attention to the election by asking listeners if they believe they are better off or worse off than they were four years ago. What about as a nation? Jim was looking for answers not just from the economic perspective but from the spiritual perspective as well.

Find out how Crosstalk listeners feel about the state of the nation when you review this interesting edition of Crosstalk.

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