DNC Platform Controversy and News Round-Up

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Air Date: September 7, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic wrapped up the week by highlighting the following stories for listener comment:

–The Secular Coalition for Wisconsin is organizing a state lobbying group.
–Vice President Joe Biden thanks gay rights advocates for advancing the civil rights of
gay and straight Americans.
–Atheists, humanists and freethinkers being given official recognition at the nation’s
military academies
–Half of military voting assistance offices not working as intended by law.
–Pakistani officials believe false evidence was planted in blasphemy case against girl.
–Gallop poll shows President Obama with massive lead over Mitt Romney with
registered voters who say they have no religion.
–Critics say the current Democratic Party Platform is the most anti-life document that the
party has accepted up to this point.
–A United Methodist clergy member receives “boos” after a voice vote to put God back
into the Democratic platform.
–Obama prayer proclamation seeks to summon the spirit of all Americans who pray to
different gods.
–Audio from Mark Alan Siegel, the Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman, who
believes that fundamentalist Christians want to kill Jews in order to usher in the return
of Christ. Vic followed this up with audio featuring an opposing viewpoint from Rabbi
Abba Lighter.
–Audio from Democratic convention where a delegate said if she saw Romney, she’d
like to kill him.
–Karl Rove is being encouraged to remove himself from the GOP campaign after joking
about the murder of House member Todd Akin.

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