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Air Date: October 31, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Janet Parshall

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Janet Parshall is a nationally syndicated talk show host and has been consistently profiled as one of the top 100 talkers in Talkers magazine, the leading trade publication of the talk industry. She is a devoted advocate of the principles and policies that strengthen the family. In 2005 she was selected by President George W. Bush to represent the White House as public delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. She is the author of the newly published book, “Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas”.

Janet began by noting aspects of America today that parallel the narrative in Bunyan’s classic work, Pilgrim’s Progress. She also discussed how we should respond as she looks to the example of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

Should we be engaged? After all, American culture is a messy place. Janet pointed to our God who has given us guidelines for cultural engagement. She mentioned John 17 where Jesus is on his way to the cross, yet in spite of that heavy burden, he prayed for us. Here he isn’t praying to the Father that we be allowed to escape to our “holy huddles” but instead he prays that we’d be given the strength to engage the culture.

In “Buyer Beware”, Janet takes the reader on a journey through the public square where ideas are “bought and sold” but where Truth is sometimes difficult to find. She examines some of the most controversial issues being debated in our culture today by looking at them through the lens of Scripture. The book is designed to encourage modern day saints as they enter the “marketplace” by helping them discover the richness of God’s Word and the poverty of the world’s message.

Learn biblically how and why you can engage the culture and make a difference as you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.

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