Banking Giant Accused Of Money Laundering

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Air Date: December 18, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Jerome Corsi

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Dr. Jerome Corsi received his PhD from Harvard. He is a senior staff reporter for WND. He has authored many books including “The Obama Nation”, “Unfit for Command” and “Where is the REAL Birth Certificate.”

This edition of Crosstalk looks at Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (H.S.B.C.). Although originating in China (Its holding company is in London.) they are a worldwide bank capable of dealing with transfers within the bank between nations.

Dr. Corsi’s story begins by focusing on John Cruz, an employee of H.S.B.C. in Long Island who was in charge of establishing commercial accounts along with selling additional banking products and services. Eventually John discovered that things were not in order with specific accounts. He went to his superiors who told him not to worry about the situation. He was eventually terminated for “poor performance”. Law enforcement authorities were notified, however, Dr. Corsi doesn’t know what they’ve done with the information.

A Senate subcommittee did become involved and prepared a report that documented some of the things that Dr. Corsi and Cruz were alleging. For example, the report documented the money laundering with the bank, attributing it to money for the drug cartels in Mexico, for terrorists in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, and that H.S.B.C was utilizing illegal money facilities to circumvent sanctions the U.S. government had on Iran.

Eventually H.S.B.C. was fined 1.92 billion dollars in lieu of prosecution. According to Dr. Corsi, the bank had this money set aside for years. Is it possible that the settlement itself was part of a criminal scheme that includes bipartisan involvement by members of the U.S. government and therefore the fine is just considered the “cost of doing business” by H.S.B.C.? Get listener reaction and find out how this impacts all of us when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.

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