Amnesty on the Front Burner

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Air Date: January 7, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: William Gheen

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William Gheen is President and National Director of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. They are involved in leading the fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty in America, to secure our borders, to enforce our existing immigrations laws, to restore the rule of law and to restore the American Republic.

William believes that America has an immigration enforcement credibility problem, a problem that people in Mexico and around the world are exploiting. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has been fighting for 8 years to stop this.

There have been no new laws passed regarding illegal immigration on the federal level. Instead, William noted that President Obama has taken the Bush non-enforcement plan to a whole new level while at the same time lying about having great deportation numbers. That’s only because he’s using the voluntary deportation figures.

What Obama has actually done is to create a type of ordered amnesty. This ordered amnesty is not new law or an executive order. William noted that the mainstream media is using the phrase, “executive fiat” to describe or give credibility to this ordered amnesty. Whatever one chooses to call it, President Obama appears to have created nothing more than a form of amnesty which shows a great lack of respect for the governing process.

Is this behavior a threat to our constitutional republic or perhaps even an act of treason? Is the pro-amnesty movement merely out for control as they look to give amnesty only for the purpose of creating a new, large voting bloc? Could reparations or even the returning of land to Mexico be factors in this controversy? Get the answers to these and other amnesty related questions on this edition of Crosstalk.

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