Remembering Roe

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Air Date: January 22, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Matt Trewhella and Charlie Wysong

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Matt Trewhella is a local pastor and director of Missionaries to the Preborn. Matt has been in Washington D.C. over the last couple days of inaugural activities to be a pro-life witness.

Matt described his activities at places like Union Station during the inaugural. He mentioned the much lower attendance count compared to the last inaugural, the reception to pictures of aborted infants shown to the public, his discussion with two atheists that was filmed by CNN and more.

Charlie Wysong is president and founder of the American Rights Coalition.

Charlie shared his thoughts regarding the biblical ideas of repentance, prayer and how America needs to come back to God. He also detailed how Chattanooga, Tennessee, has held off the scourge of abortion, a testimony that speaks loudly as to how all of us can work to end abortion in our communities as well. He also answers questions from listeners as Crosstalk looks back at America’s tragic abortion record.

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