Right to Bear Arms: What Does God Say?

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Air Date: January 23, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Sam Rohrer

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Sam Rohrer is the president of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network. He is a former State Representative serving 9 terms in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He speaks around the country on constitutional and biblical issues.

This Crosstalk began with some history as Sam explained that the 2nd Amendment on the federal level mirrors amendments that were already contained within the constitutions from our 13 colonies; the idea that life has intrinsic value as coming from God and that this life is to be protected not only by the government, but by the people as well.

He went on to explain that whether it was Waco or Oklahoma City, after the fact there were attempts to limit or cut back on the rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment. We’re seeing the same thing in the aftermath of Sandy Hook with some individuals vilifying gun rights rather than getting to the core issue which is the sinful nature of man and the evil that comes forth from that.

Sam is concerned that if we don’t have the debate regarding both the biblical and moral component of whether we have the right to keep and bear arms and self-defense and instead concentrate the discussion on the emotion or the moment, we will violate the freedoms we have and end up as subjects and not citizens.

As you review this program you’ll learn the biblical instructions for self-defense at the personal and collective levels, the root cause of our violence problem today, and whether or not we are replacing God with government in the United States.

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