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Air Date: March 19, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Craig Rucker

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Craig Rucker is co-founder and Executive Director of C-FACT. (Citizens for a Constructive Tomorrow). He has provided expertise to a wide range of government, academic, media and industry forums. He serves as co- host of CFACT’s daily radio commentary called, “Just the Facts” which airs daily on VCY America. He has written extensively on numerous environmental policy issues.

Is the earth warming up or not? Craig noted that since 1880 there has been about one-half to three-quarters of one degree Celsius of warming. Is this man-made or a natural phenomenon? CFACT believes this is within the range of natural variability and is nothing to be alarmed about.

One billboard that CFACT put up claimed that there has been no global warming for the past 16 years. A billboard from another campaign in New York showed that the population of polar bears has actually increased since the 1960’s. So why do we continue to hear of so many things that are attributed to global warming? Craig indicated that there are estimates showing that there is as much as 7 billion dollars of government grant money that’s given out annually for global research. Then there’s the fact that dramatic news stories of impending catastrophes tends to attract more readers/listeners/viewers than typical news stories.

CFACT goes to climate conferences and Craig explained that the tone of these meetings is such that they describe the earth as being on its last legs. These conferences have been taking place since 1992 and virtually all the climate models have proven to be false. Nonetheless, these conferences continue to promote energy restriction, carbon taxes and other things that would restrict freedom.

Craig fills listeners in on the Obama administration’s plans for carbon restrictions, the current state of affairs regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, the process of fracking and more.

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