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Air Date: April 17, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Omer Eshel

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Omer Eshel is the director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism for the Midwest Region. He promotes tourism to Israel in 13 states. He is a 4th generation resident of Moshav Merhavia, the first Jewish community established in Israel’s northern Jezreel Valley. He served 3 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He’s a certified Israel tour guide and served as the head of staff for Israel’s national parks. He’s been with the Israel Ministry of Tourism since 2008.

Israel is a nation with six different climate zones. That’s even more amazing when you consider that it’s so small it could fit inside Lake Michigan 3 times.

The modern state of Israel was formed in May of 1948 so they will be marking their 65th birthday this year. In another sense Israel is one of the oldest lands of the world because you can see the ruins of King David’s palace from almost 3,000 years ago when Israel was a kingdom.

Is it safe to visit Israel? Is there a better time of the year to visit? What new archaeological discoveries from Israel confirm the validity of the Scriptures? What inventions come from Israel?

As Omer answers these questions and those of listeners you’ll realize why he views Israel not as a tourist destination but rather as a journey.

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