Scandal Shakes the White House

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Air Date: May 15, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Michael Connelly

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Michael Connelly is a constitutional attorney, a U.S. Army Veteran and executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, a non-profit public interest legal organization dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public, and to litigate the significant legal issues confronting America.

Michael described how the IRS was allegedly targeting conservative groups–any group with “Tea Party”, “patriots” or “limited government” in their name, those who oppose the Obama administration, as well as those who were pro-Israel. This effort was allegedly designed to prevent certain groups from obtaining 501(c)(4) status prior to the election.

Michael also revealed that the I.R.S. is alleged to have turned over information of such groups to a left-wing non-profit group and they were releasing this information to the public.

In a related story, Michael explained how President Obama’s Department of Justice was allegedly involved in secret monitoring of Associated Press phone records in order to find out where an information leak was coming from.

Are these impeachable offenses? Are such incidents taking attention away from the Benghazi scandal? How about “Fast and Furious”? Get the answers to these questions and more as well as discovering what you can do to make a difference when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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