Mormonism’s Changing Values and Influence

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Air Date: May 23, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Ed Decker

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Ed Decker was a Mormon for 20 years of his adult life. He was a member of the Melchizedek priesthood, a Temple Mormon and active in many church positions. Through a crisis in his life, Ed met the real Jesus and his life was changed forever. He is an active author,speaker and evangelist who has brought the light of biblical truth to the lost in spiritual darkness. He is the founder of Saints Alive, a ministry of witness to those lost in Mormonism and other cults.

One religious group has changed their position on the issue of homosexuality. That group is the Mormon Church, a church that has 400,000 boys involved in scouting. This is important because today is the day that the Boy Scouts will vote whether or not to allow open homosexual scouts in the scouting program.

Jim noted that the Mormon church issued a statement saying they are satisfied that the Boy Scouts have made a very thoughtful, good faith effort to address the issues.

Ed believes that this change has to do with money. He described how the Mormon Church has been changing radically over the last 8- 10 years having lost around 2 million members in the last several years and about one-third of their youth population is leaving every year.

Why? Ed points to the fact that the Mormon Church is getting “beat up” in the press, they’ve authorized gay marriage and they’re ordaining gay men to priesthood positions.

Ed compared the current Mormon Church to the so-called Christian “emergent” churches where everyone is viewed as “ok” and everyone wants to be careful not to offend anyone else.

Join Jim and Ed for this inside look at the Mormon Church, how they’re changing and how these changes are impacting the American tradition of scouting.

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