Islam: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

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Air Date: June 13, 2013

Speaker: Usama Dakdok

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This Crosstalk was the second of a two-part broadcast featuring Usama Dakdok of The Straight Way of Grace Ministry. He spoke at a VCY America rally in April of this year.

Are you aware that Muhammad describes Allah as a “schemer” and that he has no son? That alone should convince any true Christian that the “Allah” of Islam is not the God of the Bible, but there’s more.

For example, how did Muhammad’s ministry differ from that of Jesus? This broadcast answers that question by offering the following contrasts:

–Jesus made blind eyes see. Muhammad made seeing eyes blind.
–Jesus caused the lame to walk. Muhammad made the walking lame.
–Jesus healed the withered hand. Muhammad cut off the hands of
–Jesus raised the dead. Muhammad had the living killed.

Usama also looks at the role of women in Islam, immigration, how Islamic law supports the radicals and not the so-called “moderate” Muslims, how radicals are invited in to learn about our nation’s investigative techniques, and more.

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