Genesis: Key to Reaching Todays World

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Air Date: July 24, 2013

Host: Gordon Morris

Guest: Ken Ham

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Today we have more Christian information at our disposal than ever before yet something is wrong because the culture is getting worse, not better.

One reason for this has to do with the attitude many people have regarding the Old Testament book of Genesis. As Ken pointed out, if the account of the creation of Adam, the one-man, one-woman marriage example of Adam and Eve, the story of the Cross and sin are mere symbolism, what are these things symbolic of?

This shows that if the earthly details in Genesis don’t matter, then there’s no reason why anyone should believe the Bible when it comes to the moral problems in our culture.

The earthly details in Genesis do matter. In fact, Genesis gives us the geological, biological and anthropological explanation of how things came to be. Understanding this is critical for understanding the Gospel as well as science.

This means that we’ll never see cultural change for the better by executing a “top down” approach. Instead we need a “bottom up” approach. This involves communicating the biblical foundation of Genesis chapters 1-11 as the literal history it truly is.

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