The Loser

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Air Date: July 26, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Jack Franklin

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This Crosstalk features the amazing testimony of the life of Jack Franklin who is now the pastor of Lazy River Bible Church of North Port, Florida.

Growing up as the youngest member of his family on a farm south of Chicago, Jack always felt like a loser. Finding comfort in food, he became obese. This condition led to drug abuse which was the open door to drug addiction later in life.

At age 12 he learned how to play guitar, an activity that garnered him some acceptance with others, but that acceptance was tied to his willingness to smoke marijuana.

After college he obtained a recording contract and began making records but with the success came a new level of addiction. He began “mainlining” speed, morphine and Demerol, a habit that interfered with his performances, brought about rejection, a return of the feelings of being a “loser”, as well as thoughts of suicide.

After surviving a brush with death in the mountains of Colorado, Jack was at the brink of giving up on life, however, God had other plans. In his desperation and grief, he was reunited with an old friend who acted as the hands and feet of Christ when it mattered most.

You’ll gain a fresh perspective on God’s grace, forgiveness, mercy and the power of sanctification in our lives when you review this inspiring edition of Crosstalk.

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