San Antonio Considers Anti-Discrimination Policy that Discriminates

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Air Date: August 7, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Justin Butterfield

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Justin Butterfield is an attorney with Liberty Institute. Their mission is to defend and restore religious liberty across America: in our schools, for our churches and throughout the public arena. Justin graduated from Harvard Law School and has had scholarly articles published in “The Advocate” and the “Texas Journal of Law and Public Policy”.

This Crosstalk brought news of a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance in San Antonio, Texas, that could have someone removed from the city council, a board or commission if the individual expresses or demonstrates a bias by word or deed toward LGBT individuals.

This ordinance would also apply to anyone who does business with San Antonio and any disagreement because of traditional or biblical views would not be tolerated.

Liberty Institute sent a letter to the city council members and the mayor explaining the following:

  • (1)–Why this ordinance violates Texas state law.
  • (2)–That there should be a personal religious liberty exemption.
  • (3)–How the proposed ordinance violates the 1st Amendment and will therefore lead to litigation if it passes.

More Information

San Antonio City Council:

District 1—Diego Bernal—210-207-7279 (Primary Sponsor of the ordinance)

2—Ivy Taylor–210-207-7278

3—Rebecca Viagran–210-207-7264

4—Rey Saldana–210-207-7281

5—Shirley Gonzales–210-207-7043

6—Ray Lopez–210-207-7065

7—Cris Medina–210-207-7044

8—Ron Nirenberg–210-207-7086

9—Elisa Chan–210-207-7325

10—Carlton Soules—210-207-7276

City Council Main Number—210-207-7040
Mayor Julian Castro Comment Line—210-207-2280
Robbie Greenblum (Mayor’s Chief of Staff)-210-207-7067

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