CA Governor Signs Transgender Bill-Anti-Discrimination Bill Hits Kirksville, MO-Smart Meter Legislation in Wisconsin

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Air Date: August 13, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Brad Dacus, Evangelist Boyd Halford and Marv Munyon

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Brad Dacus is the president of the Pacific Justice Institute, an organization that defends religious freedom, parental rights and other civil liberties.

Boyd Halford is an evangelist in Kirksville, Missouri.

Marv Munyon is the president and founder of Wisconsin Capitol Watch, a public policy organization that promotes legislation in the state government and other policy making entities from a Judeo-Christian, pro-family perspective to protect the traditional family.

Brad discussed yesterday’s decision by California Governor Jerry Brown to sign Assembly Bill 1266 into law. This legislation takes effect January 1st in every school in the state of California.

So if one day a boy feels like he’s a girl, he’s allowed to use the girls restroom. That also means if a girl feels like she’s a boy, she’s allowed to use the boys restroom. This includes locker rooms, showers and gives boys access to participate in girls athletic activities as well.

Evangelist Boyd Halford joined Jim with news that the mayor and city council of Kirksville, Missouri, wanted to establish a nine member council plus a compliance officer to police the area against discrimination. The result has been the proposal of a human rights ordinance that seeks to end discrimination in the areas of housing, employment and public accommodation based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. Boyd indicated that the mayor is the person who can swing the vote.

According to Marv Munyon, Wisconsin State Representative Jeremy Thiesfelt of Fond du Lac is seeking co-sponsors to legislation that would allow people to opt out of Smart Meters. Smart Meters have the capability or can be programmed to transmit or receive information. The utility companies want to change to these meters so that they can obtain your utility consumption information without having to have a person walk around to read each one thereby saving the utility company and the consumer money.

The problem with these meters is that they are raising concerns in the areas of freedom and privacy.

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