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Air Date: August 21, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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Twila Brase is the President of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom. Twila is a public health nurse and health care freedom advocate. She provides commentary each day on the Health Freedom Minute which airs on VCY America. She informs listeners of crucial health issues, such as the intrusive wellness and prevention initiatives in ObamaCare, patient privacy and the need for consent, the dangers of ‘evidence-based medicine” and health care reform.

In order to see what kind of health surveillance has been taking place at the state level, Twila embarked upon a comprehensive 8-year long research project that involves 4 different databases. They include vaccinations, newborn screenings, birth defects and cancer. The project involved going to all 50 states with a questionnaire asking them to provide information such as how many people are in the database, is there consent or a form for the consent, is there an audit done on the security of the systems, etc.

Twila’s report gives charts that include the statutes and the rules, as well as a a raw data spreadsheet that includes all the answers that were obtained from the state agencies and all pertinent information Twila could find online.

On this Crosstalk, Twila presents a wide range of information including:

–How do states manage to get information on us without our consent?
–How 4th Amendment language in state constitutions affects the building of state
surveillance systems.
–How your information is being stored.
–How this undermines public trust.
–What level of data breach requires public notification.
–What “opt out” options, if any, are available.
…and much more.

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