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Air Date: September 06, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic sought the opinion of the Crosstalk listeners in relation to the following stories:

–Listeners may have seen photos of children that were allegedly slain by sarin gas in Syria. On May 27th of last year the BBC ran a photograph supposedly showing victims of violence in Syria. The problem with this is that the BBC used a file photo of a child from Iraq in 2003 among the lines of body bags that had been found south of Baghdad. The headline described this as a massacre in Syria. The photographer was astounded that the BBC would use his photo in this way without checking sources. The BBC pulled the photo but defended its use.

–Recently Secretary of State John Kerry compared Assad of Syria with Hitler, Hussein; calling him a thug and murderer.

–According to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, 1 in every 5 applicants looking for a position within the CIA had ties to Hamas, Hezbollah or Al-Qaida.

–Former Obama Syria advisor comes out against the President because of the way he is handling the Assad regime.

–Charlie Rangel describes Obama’s behavior as embarrassing when it comes to his dithering on the military strike against Syria.

–Russian warships are headed for Syria with “special cargo”.

–Italian warship could evacuate troops from Lebanon.

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