Another Mass Shooting in a Gun Free Zone

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Air Date: September 19, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Larry Pratt

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Larry Pratt is the executive director of Gun Owners of America, a position he has held for over 30 years. They are dedicated to promoting the 2nd Amendment’s freedom to keep and bear arms.

13 people were shot and killed in the latest U.S. shooting tragedy at a Washington Navy Yard on Monday, a military installation that is a ‘gun free’ zone. Aaron Alexis was a Democrat with severe mental problems and a convert to Buddhism who was obsessed with violent video games. He purchased a shotgun legally, passed the background check, and is accused of gunning down a guard and then allegedly using a pistol from the guard as well.

Also disturbing is news from the BBC who reported that one of the first tactical response teams of armed Capitol police to respond to the shooting were ordered to “stand down” rather than help municipal officers.

From Larry’s perspective, this is another example of the problem with having ‘gun free zones’ which gives criminals assurance that they can operate for some period of time before the police arrive.

Other aspects of this discussion included…

–Will President Obama issue executive orders in response to this tragedy?
–Why Obamacare is a threat to gun owners.
–President Obama’s willingness to arm Al-Qaida rebels in Syria while supporting
strict gun control rights in America.
–Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee called the House Committee “murderers row”.
–California Congressman Mike Thompson calls for expanded background checks for
anyone wishing to purchase a firearm and challenged Republicans to come up with
a better gun control bill if they don’t like his.
–Starbucks CEO says “no” to bringing guns into stores.

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