Global Climate Change: Is it a Threat?

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Air Date: September 24, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

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Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. He is also an author and speaker on the application of the biblical worldview to economics, government and environmental policy. He has published over 10 books and hundreds of articles.

According to Dr. Beisner, the science behind the notion of dangerous global warming is collapsing. There has been no global warming for at least 16 years. In addition, there is no correlation between the warming that did exist from about 1977 to the mid 1990’s and the more frequent or severe weather events we’ve seen. In fact, weather related deaths have been declining worldwide for over a century.

More recently, the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free this summer. On the other hand, we’ve also heard that the that the Arctic ice cap has grown by 60%. Dr. Beisner noted that the earth’s climate system is a chaotic, non-linear, fluid dynamic system, so by definition you can’t predict what it’s going to do. In other words those who were predicting an ice-free Arctic this summer were acting as advocates for a particular agenda. That agenda involves weening all of us off of fossil fuels and on toward more expensive renewables like wind and solar. This is driven by corporate interests such as those who make solar panels and wind turbines. Nonetheless we are still below the average Arctic ice amount for the last 50 years. What we can’t say is if we’re on a downward or upward trend and those that think we have enough data to say one way or the other are going way beyond what the science tells us.

But isn’t this new Arctic ice thin and slushy and subject to rapid future melting? Dr. Beisner agreed this is true but the weakness in the argument is that over the coming winter, this ice will get thicker and we’ll start next year with a greater expanse of ice. That extra expanse of ice will reflect solar energy back into space before it can warm the earth which will tend to cool the planet. So unless there’s some significant force next year that undoes this expansion, it will continue until some negative feedback mechanism comes into play.

Join Dr. Beisner as he updates listeners regarding climate change and polar bears, the fluctuation of sea levels, the EPA’s proposed regulations on carbon emissions, the problems with buying into the carbon pollution myth, Rush Limbaugh’s latest comments on global warming and more.

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