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Air Date: October 14, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Carl Kerby

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Carl Kerby is President of Reasons for Hope, a ministry with a mission to equip believers to fulfill the command of God found in 1st Peter 3:15, ‘But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.’ Carl is a former air traffic controller at O’Hare, and founding board member of Answers in Genesis. After serving at AiG for 15 years, he stepped out in faith to become President and Founder of Reasons for Hope.

Carl mentions some facts that are absolutely startling. The average amount of time a child spends in meaningful conversation with their parents each week is less than 10 minutes. If you remove the mother, the statistic can be measured in seconds. On another level, Carl noted how a child spends about 900 hours per year in school, oftentimes being told that there is no God, just give things enough time and the right circumstances and that’s how mankind got here. That same child spends an average of 1,064 hours in front of a TV set and 18 hours per week in front of a video game. There’s no way that parents are going to overcome the impact of those influences with 10 minutes of meaningful conversation each week.

The result is that youth are walking away from Christianity if they were ever truly engaged at all. He described the situation this way: While working at O’Hare Airport as an air traffic controller, if he had a 1% failure rate, there would be 30 accidents per day. How many people do you feel would fly into an airport with that kind of success rate? Carl warned listeners that there is a spiritual battle going on for young people and in this battle, even a 1% failure rate is not acceptable.

What can the church do to get back on track? What can Christian parents do? Does Genesis really matter? Carl believes that change begins in the House of the Lord. So join him as he describes what the Bible has to say regarding these issues in order to help people walk in confident faith and bring hope to families, churches and the body of Christ.

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Tomorrow evening (October 15th) Carl will be speaking at a meeting for the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee to be held at Grace Bible Church, 2643 S. 117th St. in West Allis, WI. The meeting begins at 6:30pm. For more information call 262-255-4643.

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