Obamacare’s Unintended Consequences

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Air Date: October 15, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic began this edition of Crosstalk by discussing the new ‘poster boy’ for Obamacare, a 21 year old named Chad Henderson who became a sensation for the Democrats when he became the first person to sign up for Obamacare. It was discovered that he’s a six year volunteer for the group, Organizing for America. He is said to have “tweeted” this information to 3 different news organizations.

The story doesn’t end there. It turns out that he didn’t actually enroll in Obamacare. He filled out an application and when he figured out how much he’d have to pay he didn’t enroll. Now he’s claiming he never said he enrolled.

Phyllis Schlafly indicates that the Democrats feel the Republicans must fully fund Obamacare because it’s the law of the land as passed by Congress, signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court. Therefore Democrats claim it must be obeyed and can’t be altered by Republicans who wish to defund it. Phyllis disagrees because she believes that any federal law can be changed, repealed amended or defunded by Congress.

Vic also looked at some of the early results of Obamacare. They include:

–Earlier this month IBM announced it would remove 110,000 of its Medicare eligible retirees from the company’s health insurance and instead give them subsidies in order to purchase coverage through the Obamacare exchanges.

–Delta Airlines revealed that the company’s health care costs would rise about 100 million next year alone.

–15,000 employee spouses will no longer be able to use the UPS health care plan due to coverage access elsewhere.

–Caterpillar estimated that Obamacare would add more than 100 million in health care costs.

–Sea World used to let part-time workers work up to 32 hours per week. They are being dropped to 28 hours per week to keep them under the 30 hour per week threshold at which point Sea World would be required to provide health insurance under Obamacare.

–Stryker Corporation laid off about 1,000 employees earlier this year due to Obamacare’s 2.3% excise tax on medical devices.

–Welch-Allyn announced they will have to cut about 10% of its work force because of this same medical device tax.

If you’re wondering why there is such a battle over Obamacare, now you know why because this is just several from a list 100 examples researched by National Review showing the unintended consequences. Learn more by listening to this important edition of Crosstalk.

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