The Growing Threat Of Islam

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Air Date: October 17, 2013

Host: Gordon Morris

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Walid Shoebat was born in Bethlehem. In his youth he was a terrorist with the Palestine Liberation Organization. He eventually married and became a U.S. citizen. After undertaking a search for biblical corruptions in order to convert his wife to Islam, he became convinced that the Bible has the truth and he became a Christian in 1993.

What are the facts regarding Islam? Walid dealt with numerous important points as he passionately urged listeners to wake up and recognize how dangerous Islam is for America. Some of the items he covered included:

–Islamic fundamentalists don’t necessarily hate our way of life. What the
Islamist really hates is the Trinity aspect of the Godhead.
–Islam is actually a religion and a state; it’s a cohesive unity, your tradition
your life, how you eat, dress, etc.
–Islamic terrorism is an intimidation act designed to achieve a political goal.
–There are three types of Islamists. (1)Those open about their radicalism.
(2) Those not open to radicalism but in disguise about it. (3) Those who
are liberal and don’t care about Shariah.
–Islamists will condemn terrorism but also condemn those who speak
against it.
–The link between Islam and liberal teachings in America. One example
Walid noted is Al Gore’s use of Islamic sources to back up his
environmental claims.
–Islamists will sometimes say one thing when speaking in English yet show themselves to be deceptive when you look at what they say in Arabic.

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