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Air Date: October 18, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

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Mike Gendron is the Founder and Director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry.

Mike was born into a devout Roman Catholic family where he was taught early on that the Catholic Church is the one true church. He went on to teach high school Catholic doctrine but eventually he would realize that the zeal he had for his religion wasn’t based upon biblical knowledge.

The journey toward that realization began one morning when he was reading in the Dallas Morning News that a man was coming to town to give a 3 day seminar discussing the evidence for the Christian faith. The man that was giving the conference was Christian apologist, Josh McDowell.

Mike left the conference knowing he had to read the Bible, something that is discouraged in the Catholic religion as Catholics are told it’s too complex, therefore answers must come from the priests.

Mike’s study of the Bible made him realize that God’s plan of salvation is diametrically opposed to the Catholic plan. What did Mike do next? How did the things taught to Mike in Catholicism differ from what he was learning from Scripture?

Join Mike as he presents the answers to these questions and also shares his passion to not only reach Catholics with the truth but to also equip the saints to reach out to them as well.

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For a free copy of a 16 panel fold-out brochure called: Roman Catholicism: Scripture vs. Tradition, contact Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry through the following methods:

Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry
P.O. Box 940871
Plano, TX 75094

You can also phone them at 972-495-0485 or go to

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