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Air Date: October 23, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

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This edition of Crosstalk looked at several news items of critical interest for Christians from a publication called The Vine and the Branches from Abiding Word Ministries.

–On November 6th the Supreme Court will decide if prayer in Jesus’ name can be offered in government meetings because of a lawsuit dealing with a case involving prayer at city council meetings in Greece, New York.

–Is Pope Francis ready to allow Catholic priests to marry?

–Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Missions Board releases guidelines instructing their military chaplains not to conduct or attend same-sex weddings and other activities that give the appearance of accepting the homosexual lifestyle.

–California authorizes same-sex marriages for prison inmates.

–Jordanian children are told to idolize terrorists.

–Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel must be prepared to go it alone in regard to national defense.

–Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg becomes the first justice to officiate at a wedding for a same-sex couple.

–The former head of the National Council of Churches encourages Christians to reject the exclusivity of their faith.

–Retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he would prefer to go to hell rather than go to a homophobic heaven.

–A chaplains assistant in Colorado is told to remove a Facebook post or face disciplinary action including a possible reduction in rank and pay.

–An Air Force officer is forced to remove a Bible from his desk because it might appear that he’s condoning a particular religion.

–Air Force invites a drag-queen to perform on base during diversity day at the L.A. Air Force Base.

–Christian Service Center in Lakeland, Florida, is ordered by the U.S.D.A. to cease all Christian aspects of their center or no longer be eligible to receive government food.

–Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announces that gay and lesbian members of the military who wish to marry qualify for up to 7 days of uncharged leave to travel to a state where same-sex marriages are legal.

–New Mexico Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling that now requires Christian photo studio owners to pay over $7,000 to a gay couple for refusing to take pictures for a same-sex wedding ceremony in 2006.

–IRS is now targeting the American Legion.

–Christian bakery owners in Oregon refuse to bake a cake for same-sex wedding and have been forced to close their shop.

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