The Plight of the Persecuted Church

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Air Date: October 29, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Paul Popov

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Door of Hope International is both a voice and a helping hand to persecuted Christians worldwide. The ministry was founded by Dr. Haralan Popov who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in Jesus Christ for 13 years in Communist Bulgaria. His son Paul Popov, the guest on this edition of Crosstalk,
is now the President and CEO. Paul was born in Bulgaria. At the age of 5 his father, a prominent protestant minister, was brutally taken away by the KGB from his family and arrested on false charges. The family was labeled as members of “an arrested spy” and were not to be helped. At age 8, Paul and his family immigrated to Sweden. His father was later released from Communist slave camps and joined back up with his family in Sweden and continued missionary work behind the Iron Curtain. Paul was a journalist, but joined his father in that work. After his father’s retirement in 1980 he became the International President of Door of Hope International.

With the National Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church in view, Jim had Paul give his view regarding the current state of affairs for the persecuted church in various areas.

For example, Paul described the situation in Syria where just 3 years ago it was a peaceful and stable nation. Today, 4 million of the 22 million are basically displaced because their homes have been destroyed. This situation came about because of those who want regime change.

In Lebanon there are 22 churches, all of whom are involved in trying to help the refugees via funding from Door of Hope and other organizations.

In Egypt the Arab uprising that brought the Muslim government down is being blamed on Christians.

In Eritrea (formerly a part of Ethiopia) 180 Christians were rounded up this past Sunday and put in prison.

Paul feels we are basically lazy and believes recognition of the persecuted church is this church’s number one need. This recognition should be an ongoing part of the life of churches in America and not limited to special Sunday services.

Find out more along with what you can do to be part of the solution when reviewing this edition of Crosstalk.

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To obtain a free copy of “Tortured for His Faith”, call Door of Hope International
at 877-440-3644 and tell them you heard about the book on Crosstalk. You can also obtain a copy of the book via e-mail by writing Paul at

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