Amnesty/Immigration Reform on the Front Burner

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Air Date: November 7, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guests: Phyllis Schlafly

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Phyllis Schlafly is the President & Founder of Eagle Forum. She’s been a leader of the conservative movement since 1972. She is the author or editor of 20 books such as: ‘The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop it’ and ‘No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom’.

Breaking news as the program began is that the U.S. Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which mandates that businesses eliminate racial orientation or Gender Identity in their hiring and personnel decisions. The vote was 64-32, with all the Democrats and ten Republican senators voting in favor of the bill.

This week the White House has begun a new push for ‘immigration reform’, with Barack Obama on Tuesday saying it is the ‘right’ thing to do to help those now in this country illegally to pay a fine and back taxes, learn English, get to the ‘back of the line’, and become visible workers contribute to our economy.

But Phyllis says much of what was said is not true–many of the back taxes will not be paid because as illegal workers they were ‘off the books’ so there is no record of any taxes owed. There is no requirement that the new citizens learn English, and there is no way to place millions of new workers at the “back of the line” when industries will prefer them as cheap labor.

In addition, Mrs. Schlafly stated that this flood of immigrants comes mostly from countries where the citizens expect the government to do everything for them. This will change the political dynamic in this country. She calls it ‘Republican Party Suicide’ because such immigrants who have been able to vote, the vast majority vote Democrat because they see that as the way to ensure that government will do everything for them here.

Amazingly, however, many Republicans also support ‘immigration reform’ because big business sees the new immigrants as an unlimited source of cheap labor. Even establishment Republicans would prefer Democrats to stronger grassroots influence, which is being called the ‘tea party’ section of the GOP.

Those who are here illegally do not have the heritage of American history and limited government. Thus they believe the U.S. Constitution is not above international law. They do not believe it is necessary or even proper to be proud of this country. Their desire to become citizens is based on what they can get out of it, not the opportunity for them to work and advance based on their own abilities and efforts.

Are these proposals ‘amnesty’ ? Phyllis says that those who claim it is not amnesty know better, but are lying to us. She explains that it is now apparent that Obamacare supporters including the President lied about it, so it is a fact that politicians are willing to lie to get their way.

But the majority of American people oppose this, especially since unemployment is the highest since the Great Depression. It also is a complete reversal of the heritage of limited government that allowed Americans to make this country great.

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To contact your U.S. Representative about ENDA which just passed the Senate, or about the Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposals which amount to Amnesty, call the Capitol switchboard House number:


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