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Air Date: November 28, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Peter Lillback

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Dr. Peter Lillback is the President of Westminster Seminary, and he serves on the faculty there as the Professor of Church History. He’s also the President of the Providence Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the media to preserve, protect and perpetuate America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

He hosts a program called, ‘Proclaiming The Word’, heard on a network of stations on the East Coast, as well as worldwide via the Internet. Dr. Lillback believes it’s important for young people to know the important lessons on liberty because today we live in a politically correct environment where people are afraid to talk about the values that create the public square. In other words, by trying not to offend anyone by being tolerant of everyone, people aren’t learning anything. The result is that we have young people growing up that don’t understand how religious ideas, beliefs and values were part of the founding of our republican form of government.

Dr. Lillback gives listeners a peak inside his latest educational yet fun learning tool called, Lessons on Liberty: A Primer for Young Patriots, a book that Dr. Lillback stresses is entertaining for adults as well. Dr. Lillback also explains why patriotism has to be caught and taught; how the current trend of revisionist history can be reversed; he explains what the various words and emblems mean on the dollar bill; he presents the solution to keeping verbal history from becoming a dying tradition; and more.

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