Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Obamacare

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Air Date: December 06, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Steve Crampton

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Steve Crampton is the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel with Liberty Counsel. Steve joined Liberty Counsel in 2007 and has practiced constitutional and civil rights litigation since 1993.

Today Steve talked about the Obamacare legal challenge from Liberty University that the Supreme Court has rejected. He explained that because of the groundwork, in a legal sense, that the Liberty University lawsuit laid, other lawsuits against ObamaCare will have some tools to help them potentially win their cases.

Crampton also discussed the differences between the Liberty University lawsuit and the Hobby Lobby lawsuit.

Also Jim brought up the topic that there is a movement to silence those who oppose ObamaCare, such as Washington D.C. Insurance Commissioner William White who was fired after making negative comments about ObamaCare.

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