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Air Date: December 30, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

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Rob Pue is the editor of Wisconsin Christian News and host of a commentary heard on VCY America stations called, ‘From the Editor’s Desk.’ This Crosstalk began with Rob’s ‘2013 Signs of the Times’ commentary as he reviewed stories on topics ranging from natural disasters worldwide to the changing marriage landscape in America to pro-life news.

Jim followed up by noting the fiscal cliff, Obamacare, changes in the Boy Scouts, transgender protections, Middle East upheaval, the capitulation of the U.S. with regard to Iran, White House scandals such as Benghazi and the NSA spying, the increase of sexual assaults in the military, U.N. Treaties that would hurt the U.S., Senate rule changes, abortion clinic closures and more.

Jim then asked listeners what they thought was the most significant news story of 2013 and why.

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