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Air Date: January 8, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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Twila Brase is the President of ‘Citizens Council For Health Freedom.’ She is a certified public health nurse and a health care freedom advocate. She has provided testimony before legislative bodies on health care related issues. She is also the daily speaker on the feature program ‘Health Freedom Minute,’ and she gave an update on what is happening with Obamacare. She highlighted some of the problems with the website ‘Healthcare.gov.’ She said the health care exchanges are nothing more than centers for redistribution of everyone’s wealth. There are less than 2 million people enrolled in the exchanges.

Twila’s website is’ cchfreedom.org.’ There is a wealth of information for the individual consumer on this website. You may also subscribe to the CCH Newsletter on that website. Democrats are blaming Republicans for the low enrollment numbers on the exchanges. They are accused of giving out false information that the law was repealled. If you go on Medicaid, and you die, the government can come in and take your estate to pay back your use of Medicaid, before your children can receive their inheritance.

34 states have refused to participate in the heath care exchanges. It could all come down to a battle of states’ rights versus federal government power. If you decide this year not to take the health care, the government can tax you next year for your penalty of not having health care coverage. They can deduct out of your tax refund however much they feel you are required to pay. She counsels people to reduce their exemptions and have less taken out of their payroll checks so that they may even have to pay a little next year on taxes rather than allowing the government to control their tax refund. If you receive a penalty, you can pay that out of your own pocket, instead of the IRS having control of your tax refund.

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