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Air Date: January 16 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

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Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the Founder and National Spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Dr. John Holdren, a science advisor to President Obama (but not a climate scientist) issued a statement where he said, ‘A growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.’

As Jim asked, ‘Is this scientific fact or scientific baloney? Dr. Beisner said his friend, Dr. Roy W. Spencer points out that there is no good scientific evidence behind such a notion. In fact according to the hypothesis of global warming, the warming happens mostly in the high latitudes (toward the poles) whereas very little warming happens near the equator and the result is that you get less difference in temperature between the poles and the equator which means there’s less “pull” for the air to move from the poles. In other words, the polar vortex which drove the north’s recent cold spell should get weaker and not stronger according to global warming theory.

The conversation continued covering various aspects of the global warming push including:

–The formation of The Senate Climate Action Task Force.
–Senator Barbara Boxer hails climate change as a dangerous threat to our nation
and planet.
–The EPA concluded that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant without doing its
own assessment.
–An audio clip from President Obama as a candidate in 2008 as he appeared before
the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board. In the clip he admits that his
plan would cause electrical rates to skyrocket. The problem is, legislation for
such a plan starts with Congress, not the president.
–Quotes from other legislators regarding climate change including Senator Ed
Markey of Massachusetts and Representative Barbara Lee of California. Lee
believes global warming could drive women to prostitution.
–Antarctic film footage project members locked in by record high ice levels.
–Top U.N. climate negotiator lauds Communism as a solution to global warming.

At the halfway point Jim switched the conversation to some action alert items:

–Assembly bills AB216 and AB217 are being stonewalled in the Wisconsin Senate.
AB216 protects Wisconsin taxpayers from having to pay for abortions of state
employees and protects many religious institutions from being forced to provide
insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs. AB217 prohibits the practice of
performing abortions based upon the gender of the child.

–Freedom From Religion Foundation has persuaded the University of Wisconsin
Extension in Madison to remove Gideon Bibles from its 137 guest rooms.

–Through a citizen complaint, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has challenged
the placement of the Bible in the city council chambers in Pinellas Park,

– reported that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has supported Planned Parenthood and NARAL through the Thrivent Gift Matching Program. Since this was initially reported in early December, Thrivent has written a statement that they are temporarily suspending all pro-choice and pro-life organizations from the Thrivent Choice Program and are conducting a comprehensive program review.

More Information

Wisconsin taxpayers can contact their senator by calling 800-362-9472.
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald—1-888-291-3489
Governor Scott Walker–608-266-1212

To comment regarding the removal of Gideon Bibles from the UWM Extension guest rooms call:

Mr. Ray Cross, UW Colleges and Extension Chancellor—608-262-3786
Jessica Tormey–Communications and External Relations—608-263-5061
UW Board of Regents—608-262-2324

To reach Pinellas Park, Florida, Mayor Sandra Bradbury call 727-541-0706.

To reach Thrivent Financial with comments call 1-800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836).

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