The Taxing Of A Nation

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Air Date: February 5, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Curtis Dubay

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Curtis Dubay is a Senior Policy analyst at the ‘Heritage Foundation’ where he specializes in tax issues. He previously served as a Senior Economist for the ‘Tax Foundation’ where he authored three widely recognized and cited reports: ‘Tax Freedom Day,’ ‘State-Local Tax Burdens,’ and ‘The State Business Tax Climate Index.’

He has testified before state legislative bodies about how to improve their tax climates, and he discussed our tax code, our tax burden, tax reform, whether we are taxed too much or are we paying our ‘fair share,’ our national debt, the welfare state and ‘entitlement mentality,’ how Obamacare is impacting our economy, whether or not we are in a recovery, and many other issues concerning how taxes relate to our citizenry and our nation. For more answers to questions and resources about tax issues the ‘Heritage Foundation’s’ website is ‘’

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