Stopping the LGBT War on Children

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Air Date: February 17, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Brian Camenker

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Brian Camenker is the executive director of MASS Resistance, a pro-family action center based in Massachusetts.

Vic presented a news item that set the stage for the program. The story noted a
California lesbian couple that has allegedly been dosing their 11 year old son with hormone treatments to delay puberty so that he can have more time to explore being a female before deciding what he actually wants to be.

This might sound outrageous until you hear Brian describe the long list of activities that the LGBT movement has in place in the State of Massachusetts. He listed homosexual and transgender awareness days, the Massachusetts LGBT Commission on Youth, the sexualization of young children in schools, state supported youth pride activities, the urging of kids to ‘come out’, the gay clubs in schools, sexual surveys, homosexual themed school plays, homosexual books recommended as reading material for kids…all this and more with no mention of the harmful effects.

Are any of these things happening in your state? Review this Crosstalk and become informed and more importantly…involved.

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