Students Confronted by Intrusive Sex Survey

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Air Date: March 27, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Rob Pue, Editor of Wisconsin Christian News, shared a letter with Vic from a deeply concerned parent from the Eagle River, Wisconsin, area. This parent has a 15 year old child attending school in the Northland Pines (Wisconsin) School District. The reason for the concern surrounds a questionnaire that was given to their child. In spite of the fact that the instructions ask students to discuss ‘starred items’ with a parent or guardian, the 18 questions appeal to the prurient interests of young people. For example:

1—What are my values and beliefs about sex and its roll in relationships?
2—What are my moral and religious views about sex before marriage? How will I
feel if I go against my beliefs?
3—Do I feel pressured to have sex? Where is this pressure coming from? Myself?
The media? My partner? My friends?
4—How do I feel about my partner? Do I respect him or her and do I trust him or
5—Am I being honest with myself? Am I trying to make this relationship more
important than it really is?

If you’re concerned about the reason why a school district would ask minors these types of questions, you can express your feelings to the administration of Northland Pines High School as well as to the Northland Pines Board of Education at the numbers listed below.

More Information

Administrator and Principal

Dr. Mark Richie—District Administrator—715-479-6487
Jim Brewer—Principal, Northland Pines High School—715-479-4473

Northland Pines School District Board of Education

Jim Mulleady—President–715-479-8581
Mike Sealander—Vice President—715-542-2816
John Sarama—clerk—715-547-6893
Holly McCormack—Treasurer—715-547-6612
Eric Neff—Deputy Clerk—715-891-1714
Mike Jovanovic—Member–715-479-7972
Mark Vander Bloomen—Member–715-479-2981

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