The Collapse of Moral Values

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Air Date: May, 29 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic presented listeners with the following headlines that strongly point to the collapse of moral values today:

–The evangelical opposition to homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage appears
to be dwindling.
–Too many Christians have no idea where to begin when it comes to talking to
homosexuals about Jesus.
–Simon and Schuster to release a book by singer Jennifer Knapp dealing with her
conversion to Christianity, her rise to stardom, her departure from CCM, her
years of trying to come to terms with her sexual orientation and her return to
–Clergy members meet in Phoenix and agree that marriage equality is the basic
tenet of their beliefs.
–Historic LGBT sites will be featured in a U.S. National Park Service initiative.
–Pew Research Center discovers that 66% of Americans say it wouldn’t matter if
the nation’s president is gay or lesbian.
–Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates takes the helm of the Boy Scouts and
supports homosexuals as Scout leaders.
–‘Gay Days’ coming up at Disney World next month.
–Census to change the way it counts homosexual married couples.
–7 Year Republican Senator Orin Hatch concedes that it’s only a matter of time
before gay marriage is legal across America.
–Gay marriage disappears as a GOP issue.
–Wisconsin Attorney General braces for judge to toss gay marriage ban.
–Pope Francis celebrates mass with and kisses the hand of a leading homosexual
activist priest.

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To talk to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker about gay marriage call 608-266-1212.

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