Global Warming Activism Heats Up

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Air Date: June 2, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Roy Spencer

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Brand New rules were announced today by the Obama Administration’s EPA that seek to lower Co2 emissions from coal-fired plants by 30% by 2030. What impact will this have on energy costs, jobs, poverty and will it impact temperature fluctuation to reduce so-called “global warming”?

Answering these questions was Dr. Roy W. Spencer who received his Ph.D in meteorology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981. Before becoming a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2001, he was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center where he and Dr. John Christy received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for their global temperature monitoring work with satellites. Dr. Spencer’s work with NASA continues as the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He has provided congressional testimony several times on the subject of global warming. Dr. Spencer’s research has been entirely supported by U.S. government agencies such as NASA, NOAA and DOE. He is the author of a book on global warming called, “Climate Confusion”.

According to Dr. Spencer, the Environmental Protection Agency, which is on the executive side of government, gets to basically do what they want without Congressional approval. They have a history of trying to regulate all forms of anything considered as pollution down to zero, as if that’s possible when we know that there’s no such thing as people not emitting pollution.

Too many in the public think that carbon dioxide is just another pollutant that we can avoid emitting when we can’t. It’s a natural byproduct of most of our energy generation via fossil fuels. You can’t capture it nor can you ‘clean up’ coal by removing carbon dioxide. So for now we’re stuck on the road to getting rid of coal fired power plants which provide about 40% of America’s electricity.

Even if cutting carbon dioxide emissions is successful it will only reduce global temperatures by two-hundredths of a degree by the end of this century which is well outside of our ability to even measure it.

Dr. Spencer also comments on the following: President Obama, when speaking before Army officers at West Point recently, said that global climate change is a national security crisis; Secretary of State John Kerry called global warming deniers members of the ‘Flat Earth Society’; the fallacy of the polar bear numbers; the rising sea levels and much more.

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To contact your congressmen and senators concerning global warming call 202-224-3121 and 202-225-3121.

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