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Air Date: August 12, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Tim Brown

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Today the United States is under attack. Some of the thrust is coming from groups that are trying to foist an Islamic caliphate upon the world. One example of this is ISIS who has been in the news recently. Unfortunately it must also be reported that portions of this attack are seemingly being encouraged from within, even from segments of our own government.

Joining Jim to talk about this was Tim Brown. Tim is an author and editor at His columns are also regularly featured at He’s a father of 10 and a lover of liberty.

Tim noted that ISIS has been funded by the U.S. and allies in Syria and where our government has done this, we’ve seen Islamists come to the surface. In lands where Christians had at least some sort of protection and freedom, we’ve seen Islamists begin to take over. The result has been the persecution and slaughter of Christians by the thousands. This administration is culpable in this and as citizens we are too because we’re letting them do it.

Long range, ISIS has a 5 year plan that encompasses taking over the majority of the Middle East and parts of Africa. In addition, we’ve already seen a great movement of Islam in Europe with numbers growing here in the U.S.

Tim believes we’re seeing Muslims doing things they wouldn’t normally attempt until they’ve achieved a presence of about 15%-20% of the population. The reason they’ve felt comfortable in these attempts is because they feel empowered by the presence of President Obama in the White House. They’re also advancing in the public education system.

We see our southern border wide open and tens of thousands of Syrian Islamists coming into New Jersey. Tim believes this is part of the judgment of God that actually has been with us for decades, we’ve just become accustomed to it and now it’s intensifying. It’s the same thing that happened to Old Testament Israel because we’ve turned away from God.

Tim believes the answer begins with churches who have men of God who aren’t afraid to preach the Word of God and apply it in the civil arena. We also need to get a hold of the message of repentance rather than asking to be blessed in our sin. This means realizing we are under grace but that the law of God still has it’s place because sin is transgression of the law and there’s only one law that God gave.

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