Navy Orders Bibles Removed From Hotel Guest Rooms

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Air Date: August 13, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Madison Wisconsin’s Freedom From Religion Foundation claims that over 24% of their members are active duty military or veterans. They also claim that 23% of military personnel identify as atheists or agnostics or have no religious affiliation.

Recently they indicated that 2 concerned service members separately contacted them earlier this year to report finding Christian Bible’s in every Navy operated hotel room in which they had stayed during decades of service. In response, the FFRF sent a letter on March 12th of this year to NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Service Command) due to their belief that by the placement of such Bibles, the Navy run lodges are showing favoritism to Christianity over all other religions and non-religions.

NEXCOM responded by issuing a directive on June 19th stating that the Navy lodge general manager should advise the installation commanding officer of the FFRF’s intention to work through the chaplain’s office to determine what installation policy is and the method to remove religious material currently residing in guest rooms.

The directive indicated that the action is to be completed by September 1st of this year. The FFRF noted that they were pleased that NEXCOM has taken its constitutional obligation to religious neutrality seriously.

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To encourage the Navy to keep Bible’s in the lodges call:

Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, CEO of NEXCOM–757-631-3600
Michael Bockelman, Vice President of NEXCOM–757-502-7496
U.S. Navy–1-800-872-6289
Navy Inspector General’s Office–1-800-522-3451

To learn more about your rights as Christians contact:

Liberty Counsel

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