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Air Date: August 19, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Randy Thomasson

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School is back in session. Some have started school this week, some next and many start right after Labor Day. Some parents may let out a sigh of relief upon having their children back in school. The guest on this Crosstalk, however, pointed out that your sigh of relief may actually cause your family much turmoil and consternation in the days and years to come. What’s happening in the schools that is causing such concern?

Joining Jim to answer that question was Randy Thomasson. Randy is a veteran pro-family leader and president of Their organization stands strong for moral virtues for the common good by educating, equipping and inspiring concerned citizens to embrace and promote moral virtues in their homes and communities.

According to Randy, more than anywhere else in the nation, California promotes the sexual indoctrination of children and it’s being done at the hands of Democrats who have been in virtual control of the state government for the last 50 years.

Jim and Randy look at this sexual indoctrination that has come in the form of laws that have been passed and could influence your state legislators. 8 of the 10 mentioned are California-wide and the remaining 2 can be mandated by the school district or the school itself. These come with no ‘opt-out’ possibilities for parents and no child is exempt. Some of them include:

–Transgender bathrooms are required in government schools.

–SB-543–This legislation involves the taking of children off campus to be counseled without parental permission. Randy says this is for the purpose of teaching children who are sexually confused that they are homosexual or trans-sexual.

–Children are required to admire and emulate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans such as Harvey Milk, the late homosexual icon who Randy says believed in sexual anarchy.

–SB-777–This says that all public school instruction and activities have to positively depict bisexuality, trans-sexuality and homosexuality to children as young as 5 years old. Silence on this matter runs counter to this law.

–SB71–This involves educational health standards for children whereby youngsters from age Kindergarten on up are to be taught than any consensual sex is safe if you protect yourself with a condom.

–AB-1785—It alters the curriculum framework to include human relations education. This is meant to foster an appreciation of the diversity of California’s population and discouraging the development of discriminatory attitudes and practices.

–AB-537–Allows teachers and students to openly proclaim and display their homosexuality, bisexuality or trans-sexuality.

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