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Air Date: September 24, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Adelaide Elm

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Adelaide Elm is Senior Advisor and Board Member of ‘Project Vote Smart.’ Adelaide was the archivist at the ‘Arizona Historical Society’ in Tucson for seven years responsible for the historical manuscripts, records, and oral history programs. She was appointed by the Governor to the ‘Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board.’ In 1988 she joined with a number of other people from both major political parties to found ‘Project Vote Smart’ and has served on the Board, including two terms as Chair of the Board. In 1992 she joined the paid staff of ‘Vote Smart,’directing the first Voter’s Research Hotline, managing all databases and the volunteer and intern programs.

Adelaide also speaks at universities, civic groups, and media conferences throughout the country about ‘Vote Smart’s’ work to empower citizens with factual information about candidates and representatives, and she discussed how to educate our voters and disseminate information about candidates and issues to help voters. This is all citizen-driven and citizen-funded.

She also discussed their ‘Voter Self-Defense System.’ A Voter’s Self-Defense Manual’ produced by ‘Vote Smart ‘ can be obtained by calling 1-888-868-3762. ‘Vote Smart’s’ website is ‘’ On their wbsite you can click on icons for ‘Political Galaxy,’ ‘I Spy,’ ‘Vote Easy,’ and ‘My Vote Smart’ to receive information on any national or state candidate of your choice. On their website voters can also see the results of a ‘Political Courage Test’ that lets voters know what position candidates that have taken the test take on various important issues.

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