Heath Care: Wait Till It’s Free

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Air Date: September 30, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Colin Gunn

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Colin Gunn is an award winning writer, director, and film producer. Many have been impacted by his documentary, “Indoctrination” which investigates public schools and the decline of Christianity.

Colin has now produced a new documentary on health care entitled, ‘Wait Till It’s Free’, that takes a hard look at how we do health care in America. He proposes to let Capitalism and the Free Market System work and keep health care affordable, not political programs like Obamacare.

Colin says that if you follow the money, you will discover why health care is so expensive, and who is making the money in today’s flawed system. Hospitals are the biggest culprit:

–Bills are inflated artificially, because the government will subsidize the unpaid portion of the patient’s bill.

–Those without insurance may be charged more for a procedure–or stay in the hospital longer–than those with insurance.

–Actual costs for services are often obscured or disguised on the bills, making it nearly impossible to determine whether the bills are accurate or reasonable. By contrast, the free market prices of other types of services are very transparent.

‘Medicare’ and ‘Medicaid’ have been significant steps toward socialized medicine, as the government intrudes more and more into the health care industry. Insurance in principle is not wrong, but with the government forcing people to pay for things such as abortion, people of faith are required to pay for things they don’t agree with or don’t need–thus increasing the cost.

Despite official denials, there are actually ‘death panels’ which will play an important role in the full implementation of Obamacare. Obamacare is a program that promotes the idea that one plan fits all. Thus young men and senior citizens are forced to pay for pregnancy care.

Many jobs have been lost due to the employer mandate, because employers cannot afford to pay for employees’ health care benefits.

Colin calls the American doctor a ‘victim.’ Many doctors are looking to retire early, because the government intrusion is forcing prices up and requiring much additional paperwork, but the doctor’s income does not increase and may actually go down. Thus doctors must absorb the extra costs.

It is also becoming much more difficult to get new doctors licensed. He compared the socialized health care system in the UK and Scotland with that in America. The U.S. seems to be headed for this same kind of ‘single payer system.’

Colin does present a solution for our health care crisis in the last part of his documentary.

Copies of the documentary ‘Wait Till It’s Free’ can be obtained by going to ‘WTIFree.com’ or go to his website ‘ColinGunn.com’ or just Google ‘Wait Till It’s Free.’

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