Christian Faces Trial for Telling Dangers of Homosexuality

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Air Date: October 23, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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Peter LaBarbera is the President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

In April of this year, Peter was invited to speak at a pro-life association group in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. After being invited, some leftists decided to make an issue of Peter’s appearance claiming that Peter is a hate-monger. They tried to get him removed from the speakers list and then lobbied the border agency to turn him back.

When Peter arrived at customs, he was questioned. Authorities looked through his phone and computer and were allowed to do this because Canada has a law that bans so-called hate propaganda. So the charge was alleged incitement of hate based upon sexual orientation so it was decided that Peter would not be allowed to enter Canada.

Eventually Peter did get into Canada because of pressure by some conservative Christian politicians. However, some time later, Peter protested peacefully at a college with another activist and they ended up being arrested because they refused to leave. After one day in jail Peter was given the option of leaving the country which he chose to do.

On October 30th, Peter is going back to Canada for trial to clear his name and to help stop Canada from being subjected to the censorship of the liberal thought police.

Vic also had Peter comment on the following:

–Houston’s mayor backs away from subpoena request of church sermons on homosexuality; now only wants the speeches.

–Ordained ministers in Idaho who operate the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel have been ordered to marry a same-sex couple. The ministers now face jail time and a $1,000 fine for each day that they decline to celebrate the wedding.

–A Christian T-Shirt business in Kentucky is facing mandatory diversity training for turning down a request to print T-shirts that advertise a gay pride parade.

–President Obama’s evolution on the gay-marriage issue.

–Why has the G.O.P. become so quiet on the issue of homosexuality?

–In Hartford, Connecticut, a 16 year old boy who’s identifying as a girl has filed a lawsuit because he’s in a male detention center. Staff members are referring to him by use of his male birth name and male pronouns rather than female pronouns. The center is also having him wear boys uniforms and banning him from wearing a wig and makeup.

–This past Monday in Washington, D.C., a conference was held with transgender military personnel from 18 nations that gathered to discuss whether the U.S. military should join them.

–The Obama administration is suing two businesses; a funeral home and an eye clinic for firing employees who were transitioning from male to female.

–Why is corporate America slouching toward Sodom?

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