Music: Is the Church out of Tune?

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Air Date: January 27, 2015

Host: Vic Eliason

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No one’s worldview is formed in a vacuum and that’s precisely why parents must be discerning and not simply permissive when it comes to music. This means that just telling our youngsters to ‘turn it down’ won’t cut it. Parents need to know what their children are listening to and why. If what they’re listening to doesn’t reflect a biblical worldview, it will produce another result. Remember that ideas, even when communicated via music, have consequences. What consequences do you want your children to face?

Vic gave a number of examples demonstrating the power of music and how it can motivate people to do various things and live in certain ways. For example, he discussed Christian music personalities such as Kirk Franklin, James Cleveland, lesbian Marsha Stevens as well as the testimony of George Perdikis. George, a founding member of the Contemporary Christian group Newsboys, now defines himself as an atheist.

Crosstalk callers also communicated their experiences and provided the capstone to this program that should be of interest to all Christian parents.

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